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Enable Advance Camera Settings In Moto E, Moto G!

Note :- Your Motorola Moto E & Moto G must be rooted, 
refer this link for Rooting Moto E.
Make sure you take responsibility of everything that might happen to your phone!

Motorola Camera
  • Motorola gives us a 5MP for Moto E [without auto-focus] & Moto G [with auto-focus].
  • There few options in settings but for more, we can activate Advance Camera settings :-P
  • Advance settings gives us few options by which we can improve camera quality !

Requirements :- [Click to download files]
  1. ES file explorer
  2. TWRP recovery image file.
  3. ADB.
  4. Rooted Moto E / Moto G.
Steps :-
  • Extract in a folder & copy the recovery - twrp.img file that we downloaded.
  • Rename the recovery - twrp.img file to recovery.img.
  • Connect your phone to USB & put your device in fastboot mode (power off, then press the power  and volume down button simultaneously).
  • Now open CMD by pressing Shift + right mouse click & type :-
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • Now stock recovery mode is replaced by TWRP recovery !
  • Switch on your phone and now go to ES file explorer go to device/System & copy the build.prop file to your SD card.
  • Make one more copy and keep it in your SD card by renaming it to build.prop.original [Backup file in case something goes wrong]
  • Click & open the build.prop [file using ES note editor].
  • Change the line :- 
  • Save the file &  now copy this file to device/System & replace the build.prop by this edited build.prop.
  • Now again put your phone to fastboot mode, select recovery & you will see teamwin recovery mode !
  • Click on Mount & select System option, go back.
  • Click on Advance File manager & go to system.
  • long press build.prop, click on chmod then click on GO & swipe to confirm.
  • Then again long press build.prop select chmod 755 & swipe to confirm !
  • Now reboot in system & we are done !
Open your Camera, swipe for options & here is a new ladybug waiting for you !
This is advance Camera settings of Moto E / Moto G !!

In Advance settings ......
  • Go to UI settings & Set Image ratio setting to ON, keep video size to 720*480, preview size to 1280*720.
  • In Feature setting option keep wavelet noise to OFF [this makes your camera picture detailed & improves image quality to great extent]
  • Morpho VNR [I didn't find major changes by switching this ON or OFF:-P]
  • QC tintless when kept off gives you more detection of red color, when it is off red color is blocked to certain extent [I feel very little change by keeping it either ON or OFF, so its upto you].
Try other options & even let me know if you come across something new :-P

What is chmod & chmod 755 ? [Skip if you don't want info & you have no idea of coding :-P ]
  • chmod is the change mode command in Linux.
  • The chmod 777 indicates the permissions. there are three groups of people who can have permissions (each one gets their own digit), in order: Owner (of the file or directory, the first 7), group (everyone who belongs to the same group as the owner, second 7), and world (third 7).
  • Owner is the user of the file - that'd be you. 
  • In the *nix world, users belong to groups. So you might be user/owner in group Marketing. This model lets you do things like say user/owner can read/write the file, the rest of marketing can only read the file, and other users can read the file.
  • Each digit in the 777 is a binary representation of:- rwx (read/write/execute). 
  • So a chmod of 755 means: 
                    111(7) - Owner can read write execute 
                    101(5) - other in the group can execute or read, no write
                    101(5) - rest of world can read and execute, no write.

  • That setup means you can read/write and execute your files, but the people visiting your site can only read or execute the file. Thus you need to set programs in your   cgibin to 755, so people can execute the file as a program.
  • If you set the permissions to 'chmod 644', you get a file that can be written by you, but can only be read by the rest of the world. This is good for straight HTML files so that no hanky panky goes on.
  •  But try and execute a file with permissions of 644 and you'll get an error.
  • The first 0 in the 0777 isn't normally used on websites, you can just worry about the last three digits. 
  • So Chmod 755 means read and execute access for everyone and also write access for the owner of the file. When you perform chmod 755 filename command you allow everyone to read and execute the file, owner is allowed to write to the file as well.
In case something goes wrong or your phone doesn't start :-P go to recovery mode, rename the backup file build.prop.original to build.prop & copy to device/system then chmod, chmod 755 it & everything will be back to original condition !

If you are new to whatever that was explained above, or want a little information then click here Things you should know about android.

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