While Pursuing Electronics Engineering just thought of writing things somewhere, all those things that are in my mind. I believe in sharing thoughts. This is why I started this blog ! 

I love travelling, electronics, coding, gadgets, music (I play guitar), Watching Movies & list might update soon!

I have interest in few topics like mythology, spirituality, psychology, astrology, philosophy.(I know what you might be thinking now, but yes i do have interest in all those topics :-P ).

To know more, I guess you will have to explore! (Facebook & Google+ might help :D ).

This is the place where I am looking forward of putting all things which I come across & find Interesting (I hope you too will find them interesting). The posts in the blog are my opinions & you may not completely agree to those. ('Reading' always adds to your knowledge even if you don't agree few things).

Before you follow anything from blog, make sure you take the responsibility :)

May this blog help you, guide you, entertain you in some way or the other.

Thank you.

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