Saturday, 29 November 2014

Flash Stock ROM [Firmware] & Lock Bootloader on Moto E!

This Tutorial is for Moto E that loves Stock ROM, want to unroot & lock bootloader 
has Custom ROM & want to revert, is in Bootloop,
wants Android L [OTA Update] :-P

Even though the steps are really easy but still i am not responsible for any damages [won't be there if you follow properly] :-P
Don't Expect to get your warranty back after this tutorial :-P

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Flash Android L on any Nexus Device [Official Factory Image][ROOT ACCESS NOT NEEDED].

Note :- The factory Images are only for Nexus Mobiles 
& NOT for any other devices.
Data will be lost once you flash the images, so take backup of contacts, photos & other imp docs.

Why to Go For Factory Images ?
  • Since Google has launched the Android L, it is giving OTA Updates [Over The Air Updates] to all the nexus devices.
  • But to limitations of servers and to avoid any problems, Google is giving updates to all nexus phones in batches ! [So waiting is the option for all those who wish to leave the page :-P].
  • Those who know how to flash & can't wait for OTA Update, Google has released official factory Images for all nexus mobiles like always!
  • Flashing a factory Image will give you a clean Installation of the ROM and will avoid any errors that might [sometimes] occur with OTA Update.
  • Don't worry this is an official method of installation ! :-)
  • Android L is available for :-
      • Nexus 4
      • Nexus 5
      • Nexus 6
      • Nexus 7 [WiFi][2013]
      • Nexus 7 [Wifi]
      • Nexus 9 [WiFi]
      • Nexus 10

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Install CyanogenMod CM11 [v4.4.4] & Android L Theme On Moto E

Note : Make sure you have rooted your Moto E (Click here if not)& 
you take all the responsibility of your phone !

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM which is available for most of the devices & they are know to solve and fix bugs on time.They regularly update their ROMS.

CM11 is a custom ROM made out of AOSP 4.4.4!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Enable Advance Camera Settings In Moto E, Moto G!

Note :- Your Motorola Moto E & Moto G must be rooted, 
refer this link for Rooting Moto E.
Make sure you take responsibility of everything that might happen to your phone!

Motorola Camera
  • Motorola gives us a 5MP for Moto E [without auto-focus] & Moto G [with auto-focus].
  • There few options in settings but for more, we can activate Advance Camera settings :-P
  • Advance settings gives us few options by which we can improve camera quality !