Sunday, 31 May 2015

How To Flash Custom ROM On Phone ? [Basic Idea].

NOTE :- This Method will work in most cases, but make sure you take responsibility of whatever happens with your phone :) [Although nothing will happen :-P]

Now many of us use Android phones, the system we use is called as STOCK ROM, since it is given to us by the manufacturer.
Sometimes to enable additional functions or have different looks, themes or performance we might think of a different OS [ROM]. Custom ROM's are made with this in mind, usually they save a lot of your Internal space by removing all the unwanted apps, secondly there are  performance improvements, many different functions etc.

Question arises how to get the custom ROM and How to Identify If it is good ?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Things you Should know about your Android - 1.

Android Versions (2009 - 2015)
Android phones have really become common because of the functions they provide, because of the updates that are provided  & because of the huge App store that we have :)
Another reason for the popularity of this OS is because it's Open Source (i.e the source code is released by google), hence it being a playground for developers to MOD (modify) the OS.

But how many of us are actually aware of the little basics about our phone ?

Here is an attempt by me to make you aware of few basic things or terms used in the Android community.

Things you Should know about your Android - 2.

Android Versions (2009 - 2015)