Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Increase the Internal Memory of Android Smartphone [Link2SD]

Root Access required :)
Make sure that you take the responsibility of whatever that happens to your phone, memory card etc :-P

So whenever you have a smartphone in your hand the major problem that everyone faces is the internal memory :(

We cannot install big games, apps because of the less internal memory right ?

So what is the solution ?
Deleting the apps ? No !
Move to SD Card ? Can be, but not much memory is released !

What if we could make the android realize that the external memory as the internal one and then install as many apps as we want ? well this is what this post is all about, Increasing the Internal memory of your phone by using a app known as Link2SD !

Now link2SD works on simple principle, it copies the library files of app, dalvik cache of the app, the apk of the app to external SD card & creates  a link of all this files in the actual Internal memory. So the android thinks that all the files are still present into your internal memory.
Best part about this method is that,
  • It releases more space [as compared to Move to SD card].
  • When you connect the phone to PC the apps are not unmounted.
Link2SD requires two basic things :-
  • Root access [click here if you have a Moto E]
  • A memory card with a secondary Partition.
Root the phone you have, google the method of rooting your device. If you have Moto E I have written many posts :)
About Partitioning the Memory Card just follow the steps given in the Video Below :)

Links Required :-
FAQ :-

1.What is the FAT32 Partition ?
It is nothing but the partition where you can copy the media files [the normal memory card].

2.Which format should I choose for secondary partition ?
New phones support ext4, ext3 ext2 is almost supported by each and every phone :)
So accordingly choose the format.

3.I can't see the secondary partition in file manager, also not on PC.
Secondary partition is not available to users so the file managers do not show this, windows also cannot show the secondary partition . open link2SD and go to storage info there you can the partition details.

4.Every time I open Link2SD it opens a dialogue box asking to choose the format.
This means your format is different and you are choosing different format e.g. if you use ext4 while formatting then use ext4 and reboot. If still you have a problem that means the format is not supported by the phone, try ext2 because it works for almost each phone.

5.I installed a new ROM and want to wipe the partition, without the partition tool & link2SD is not formatting it.
Go to your file explorer [with root access], and go to 'device' then 'data' and then go to 'sdext2' [or whatever you named it][you can find the folder by looking at the files inside, they will have the app names that you had linked] delete the folders inside that 'sdext2'.

If you are new to whatever that was explained above, or want a little information then click here Things you should know about android.

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