Friday, 27 March 2015

Can Stress be your Friend ??

Or maybe it's better to stay in relation with stress :)
Stress, yes it is a unavoidable part of life that everyone of us has to face. Everytime when you have a financial loss, a family problem, personal problem, one thing that knowingly or unknowingly comes is stress! Avoiding stress is not possible, the way you react to stress is all that matters :)

Psychologist usually say that whenever you encounter stress, your heart pumps more blood, you become all sweaty, you feel blood rushing in to your whole body. Stress also makes you sick, cold and all the cardiovascular diseases are welcomed by stress. So stress is our enemy? Following experiment will give you the answer.

A study in USA where 30,000 adults were tracked for 8 years and asked 'If they have experienced stress in last year and if yes, how severe was it ?' 
After checking their death records 43% people who had a lot of stress developed risk of death.
Shocking part was, people who just had in mind that 'stress is harmful and increases chances of death', were also prone to develop a risk of facing death! 

So 43% people have chance of death due to just thinking that stress is harmful. If the estimation is correct that would make 'believing stress is bad' the 15th largest killer, overtaking AIDS & Skin Cancer. Sounds a real danger right ? So what is to be done ?

A study wherein people were told to consider stress as a good thing, a very beautiful result was found. People were told that if heart beats faster, let it, assume it is preparing you for the challenge. If you are breathing faster because of stress, then it's actually good because more oxygen is reaching to you brain. People with such a reaction to stress found themselves more confident and less anxious. On top of it, people with negative thoughts, had faster heartbeats and their blood vessels use to shrink, but people with positive approach towards stress were found with no such shrinking :)

Oxytocin, referred to as 'love hormone' is also secreted during stress, this hormone makes you a social person. Oxytocin will make you talk with people, discuss problems with them, feeling of love and care for others increase in such situation. So whenever you are stressed you will be able to talk with people more efficiently and with a feeling of care.

So now instead of considering stress as a enemy, i guess it's time that we become friends with stress. This doesn't mean always go for stressful situation, instead whenever stress comes, know that it is not bad, take it positively :)

Help people in their bad times, get them out of stress, stress makes you a caretaker, makes you a social person, makes you strong :)

All the credits of this thought process goes to Kelly Mcgonial [Health Psychologist].
I have just shared the information :)

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Install Xposed Framework on Android Lollipop !

To install Android L on your Moto E click here.
Only Custom ROM's have functions ? No......
  • Custom ROM's come with many beautiful functions and User Interface which is impressive, but few people want stock ROM [because it is usually stable].
  • What if Someone want stock ROM & functions, User Interface, modifications from custom ROM ?
  • Solution to this is Xposed Framework & yes it's available for lollipop too !!
  • Thanks to rovo89 !