Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Enable Multi-User setting in Lollipop [MOTO E].

This Post is for Enabling a hidden function in Moto E android lollipop.
To flash lollipop click here.
To Root Moto E having lollipop click here.

So Multi-user setting is there in your Phone ? No ?
Despite of having lollipop update, Moto E users were not supported with one function and that was Multi-user.

Multi-user in Android lollipop allows us to create different accounts for different and also provides us with a Guest Account.
Different accounts help us to separate the accounts, data etc.
If you hand over your phone to someone you don't want the person to access you phone's data you can switch to Guest Mode and a different Account will be logged in.

Guest account just has all the functions but the private data cannot be accessed.

All in all Multi-User was a plus point of Android Lollipop.
So why Motorola removed it ? I have No Idea ! :-P
All i know is we can still enable it :-P
  • First thing root you phone and download Es file explorer on your phone and enable root mode on to it.
  • Now go to device/system/ and you will see a build.prop file and edit it with ES Note Editor.
  • Type the following lines in the build.prop [type at last]


thanks to Albe95.
  •  Now click back and save the file. click and hold the file go to properties and then change the permissions to read, Write & Execute. [Do for all the three] & Reboot your phone.
  • Congrats You have successfully enabled Multi-user setting.
  • You still need root permissions but this time make sure you have twrp recovery flashed on your phone. click here to download and see how to flash twrp recovery.
  • Now download the build.prop from here, overwrite your file and now set permissions as read, write & execute as above.
  • Now if you reboot the phone won't start instead go to recovery mode [Vol down + power] and then click on mount select system.
  • Go to Advance menu and click on file manager and go to device/system/ click on build.prop you will see many options.
  • select chmod 755 and swipe and reboot and you will be done.
Always take backup of orignal build.prop. 
If you in bootloop or phone not starting go to twrp mount system go to file manager copy paste original build.prop [yes twrp recovery can do this] and then again select the file and chmod 755 and your phone will be back to normal and also will start [if in a bootloop or not starting].

Flash Official Android 5.1 on Moto E, click here.

If you are new to whatever that was explained above, or want a little information then click here Things you should know about android.

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