Thursday, 30 April 2015

Flash CM12.1 On Moto E ;)

Note : Make sure you have unlocked bootloader of your Moto E (Click here if not) & 
you take all the responsibility of your phone !
For Stock Lollipop [flashable] click here.

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM which is available for most of the devices & they are know to solve and fix bugs on time.They regularly update their ROM'S.

CM 12.1 is a custom ROM made out of STOCK 5.1 lollipop !

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Increase the Internal Memory of Android Smartphone [Link2SD]

Root Access required :)
Make sure that you take the responsibility of whatever that happens to your phone, memory card etc :-P

So whenever you have a smartphone in your hand the major problem that everyone faces is the internal memory :(

We cannot install big games, apps because of the less internal memory right ?

So what is the solution ?
Deleting the apps ? No !
Move to SD Card ? Can be, but not much memory is released !

What if we could make the android realize that the external memory as the internal one and then install as many apps as we want ? well this is what this post is all about, Increasing the Internal memory of your phone by using a app known as Link2SD !