Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Flash Stock ROM [Firmware] & Lock Bootloader On Moto G.

This Tutorial is for Moto G [XT1068] that loves Stock ROM, 
want to unroot & lock bootloader has Custom ROM & want to revert,
 is in Bootloop :-P

Even though the steps are really easy but still i am not responsible for any damages [won't be there if you follow properly] :-P
Don't Expect to get your warranty back after this tutorial :-P

Things You will need [Click On the links] :-
  • Moto G [ with root or without root, with any ROM or with bootloop :-P]
  • Download Stock ROM [Dual Sim] from here.[Note this is only for XT1068 DUAL SIM]
  • Device drivers are here.
  • Download 'Install' File from here.
  • Download 'Install ROM file +' file from here.
  • Download from here.
  • Note:- 
    1. 'Install ROM' file is just to flash Stock ROM & it won't lock or unlock Bootloader. [those who haven't unlocked the bootloader, use this file].
    2. 'Install ROM + Lock' file will flash Stock ROM and will also Lock the bootloader [those who have unlocked the bootloader & wish to lock use this file, if you wish to keep it unlocked use the above file].
    3. Download Either of the files, don't download both !

Steps to install Stock ROM :-

    1. Extract the into a folder
    2. Copy & Extract the Stock ROM file, then extract 'Install ROM' or 'Install ROM + Lock' file, into the folder where you have extracted
    3. Now switch off your device [ignore if you are in bootloop :-P], press Power Button + Volume Down for 10 Sec & you will enter into Fastboot mode.
    4. Now connect the device to your PC. [hope you have motorola drivers installed].
    5. Open the mfastboot folder & click Left shift + right mouse button & click on Open Command Window here.
    6. Type 'mfastboot devices' & see if the device is connected [if not search on google & install the drivers].
    7. When device is connected, drag the 'Install ROM.bat' file into Command window OR those who have downloaded 'Install ROM + Lock' drag this file to CMD & press Enter.
    8. Flashing will Start and as per your wish the Stock ROM will be flashed & users who used Lock file the Bootloader will be locked.
    9. When you see 'Press any Key' press it and you will be rebooted to Official Stock ROM!
    10. Booting may take few minutes & sim detection may even take a little time don't panic it will work ! 
    11. Congrats you have successfully Flashed Stock ROM on your Moto G & kept your bootloader locked / unlocked.
    12. Now connect to WiFi and go to software update and update you phone to Latest Android 5.0. [OTA update]
    Note this method works on Locked Bootloader because the ROM is officially Signed by Motorola !

    New 4.4.4 Software Update Is Available if you want to stick to 4.4.4 [Build KXB21.85.23]

Steps to update:-

  • Download The Firmware Package: here.
  • Copy this file into the root of directory of Internal SD (i.e Internal SD itself, no subfolders)
  • Reboot to Stock Recovery using Holding down VolumeDown+Power button to go to Bootloader, Then VolumeDown then VolumeUp to recovery.
  • Apply update from SD and choose the downloaded package.
  • You now have the latest 4.4.4 version on Moto G and that too Stock Firmware :)

    This tutorial is for Moto G - XT1068 & if you have any problem please comment !
    Enjoy the Stock ROM & the OTA [Android L-5.0] if you want.

    If you are new to whatever that was explained above, or want a little information then click here Things you should know about android.

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    Thank You.

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