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Flash Stock ROM/Stock ROM UPDATE On Any Sony Phone !

Note: This post works on all Sony phones! 
Newbies are requested to take a backup of their phones & refer XDA for more info!
 Before you proceed, note that you take all the responsibility of everything that happens to your phone!

Lets begin with what is flash tool ?
  • Flashtool is a S1 flashing software that works for all Sony phones from X10 to Xperia Z Ultra. They all use the S1 protocol for flashing firmwares.
  • This program was originally made to flash sin files downloaded by SEUS or PCC. From time to time, sin files have been bundled into what is now well known FTF (Flash Tool Firmwares). That is the core of Flashtool and the reason of its name.
  • Flashtool can also easily unlock the bootloader of the phone using the BLU icon as far as the bootloader of your phone is unlockable
  • The flashing feature as well as bootloader unlock feature are available whatever the phone is recognized or not by the application. What is only mandatory for flashing is to own the FTF file according to the device you want to flash it on.

Thing you need to begin the flashing process....
  1. Flash tool download it from here.
  2. FTF file of your phone [& this is really important].
  3. Obviously Sony phone, working laptop or PC. :-P
How to Flash ?
  • Make sure you have Sony PC companion installed in you PC.
  • Install Flash tool on you PC & open the folder where you have installed your flash tool.
  • Open the folder named 'drivers' inside flash tool folder and install drivers that are required for you Sony phone.
  • Now copy the FTF file that you have downloaded to the 'firmware' folder.
  • Run the flash tool.exe file, click on flash tool icon [lightning symbol].
  • Window named 'Bootmode chooser' will be there, select flashmode. [Since we are flashing the FTF file]
  • Now select the FTF file which we want from the 'firmware selector' window, which is opened.
  • On the right-hand corner there is wipe cache & data option,
      • wipe cache will delete the cache memory [Data is not deleted].
      • wipe data will delete all the data on your phone and will factory reset your phone.
      •  If you are updating your phone from one firmware to another you can avoid selecting data & select cache only. [It is always recommended to check both wipe data & cache]
      • If you are in a Bootloop, using Custom ROM, or want a fully reset phone check both wipe data & cache.
  • Now click on flash & flash tool will prepare the files for flashing.
  • When asked put your Sony phone to fastboot mode [Fastboot mode of every device differs, it is mode that is activated when combination of buttons is pressed while your phone is switched off & connected to PC via USB].
  • When your phone enters into fastboot mode LED notification light blinks & phone is still switched off but PC detects your device & flashing starts.
  • Leave the combination of buttons pressed for entering into fastboot mode as soon as flashing starts .
  • Flashing the stock ROM may take time [15 - 20 mins or sometimes less depending on phone] !
  • When flashing is completed, disconnect the device & Switch on your device. [First Boot may take  time].
  • So you are done flashing the Stock ROM / Updating the Stock ROM on you Sony device !
  • Enjoy !! :-)
For more help refer this video by Dhananjay Bhosale :- 
If you are new to whatever that was explained above, or want a little information then click here Things you should know about android.

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