Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Install CyanogenMod CM11 [v4.4.4] & Android L Theme On Moto E

Note : Make sure you have rooted your Moto E (Click here if not)& 
you take all the responsibility of your phone !

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM which is available for most of the devices & they are know to solve and fix bugs on time.They regularly update their ROMS.

CM11 is a custom ROM made out of AOSP 4.4.4!

To install CM11 we need [Click to download files]:-  
  1. CM11 Custom ROM.
  2. G-Apps.
  3. CM11 Android L theme.
Steps to install CM11 :-
  • Download latest version of CM11 from their official site.
  • Download suitable package of GApps [Google apps] from the link.
  • Make sure your phone has Stock Recovery replaced by TWRP recovery. [If not follow this].
  • Copy the downloaded files into your Moto e & put your phone into recovery mode [TWRP recovery]
  • Now click on Wipe [to wipe data, cache, dalvik cache] & Swipe to Factory Reset your phone.
  • Now go to install and select CM11 zip file that we downloaded & swipe to confirm flash!
  • Now CM11 will be installed successfully, then flash GApps in same way !
  • Now reboot into system & you will see the cyanogenMod logo [first boot may take time].
  • Check settings for more information about ROM & it's features.
  •  In settings go to themes, then more themes from playstore & install the Android L theme.
  • After installation of the app open & click on all the options to apply theme on everything.
  • Reboot & Enjoy Smooth stable CM11 with Android L theme !  
Android L theme will change your notification bar, icon pack, fonts, etc & give you the feel of Android L.

Video by Dhananjay Bhosale :- 

If you are new to whatever that was explained above, or want a little information then click here Things you should know about android.

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