Thursday, 20 November 2014

Flash Android L on any Nexus Device [Official Factory Image][ROOT ACCESS NOT NEEDED].

Note :- The factory Images are only for Nexus Mobiles 
& NOT for any other devices.
Data will be lost once you flash the images, so take backup of contacts, photos & other imp docs.

Why to Go For Factory Images ?
  • Since Google has launched the Android L, it is giving OTA Updates [Over The Air Updates] to all the nexus devices.
  • But to limitations of servers and to avoid any problems, Google is giving updates to all nexus phones in batches ! [So waiting is the option for all those who wish to leave the page :-P].
  • Those who know how to flash & can't wait for OTA Update, Google has released official factory Images for all nexus mobiles like always!
  • Flashing a factory Image will give you a clean Installation of the ROM and will avoid any errors that might [sometimes] occur with OTA Update.
  • Don't worry this is an official method of installation ! :-)
  • Android L is available for :-
      • Nexus 4
      • Nexus 5
      • Nexus 6
      • Nexus 7 [WiFi][2013]
      • Nexus 7 [Wifi]
      • Nexus 9 [WiFi]
      • Nexus 10

Things Needed :- [Click to download]
  1. Download the Android L v5.0 Zip file from official Google Page. [Download the file which belongs to your phone].
  2. Download the Drivers of your phone.
  3. Download ADB from Here.
Lets Us Begin....
  • Make sure your phone is in developer mode [If not Click on Build number in about phone]. If already developer option is available click on it & Enable USB Debugging Mode.
  • Connect your phone to the computer through the USB cable.
  • Extract the file into any folder & now anywhere in the folder press Left Shift + Right Mouse Button Click on Open Command Window here & type
  • If a large amount of text appears, proceed if not make sure you have followed the above steps correctly. [Specially 3rd step]
  • Now type 
       adb devices
    Device connected 
  •  Device should be visible as shown above, if device is not shown make sure your device drivers are properly installed and you have kept USB Debugging ON !
  • Now type the command

      adb reboot bootloader
  • Now your phone will go to fastboot mode mode & then type in command prompt the following line

     fastboot oem unlock
  • After this command the phone will show you a confirmation screen, select yes with the help of volume keys and press power button to confirm. Device will show you Lock state UNLOCKED. This will wipe all the  data from your phone !
  • Now extract the factory Image file downloaded from Google's Official page into a folder then right click on flash-all & click on open.
  • Now Flashing will start & you will be booted into Android L 5.0 !
  • Now again put your phone into fastboot mode as done above and type 
  1. fastboot oem lock
  • Locking the bootloader does not wipe any data, but when you want to flash it again, you must run fastboot oem unlock again, which will wipe the data.[This is a IMPORTANT step].
  • Now Reboot your Phone And Congratulations you have successfully flashed Official Android L v5.0.
Click on the Video Description By Dhanajay Bhosale for Nexus 4 !

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