Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Krishna - Live Desktop Wallpaper [WIN 10].

This is how a Mahabharat fan's desktop looks like :-P
Check the tutorial below to see how to set up a live wallpaper :)
My desktop with live wallpaper :-

I am a big fan of Mahabharat and in turn a great follower of Lord Krishna. When I saw the Star Plus Serial, Mahabharat, One of its Scene where Lord Krishna shows his Vishwaroop to Arjun just caught my eye. 

He being the part of universe & universe being the part of him was something very well shown by the serial :) I just thought if I could make a video and then set it as a Live wallpaper it would be amazing. This is when I thought of making a Wallaper and sharing it with all the Mahabharat fans and Krishna Followers :-P

After cutting the video clip from the original episode I used few video editing softwares and modified it in such a way that it will look amazing on the desktop. I just want to share that clip with you and want each and every follower of lord Krishna to have him on their desktops, not just as wallpaper but Live Wallpaper :)

Things you need :- 
  • Video Wallpaper Software - Click here. [Dream Scene Software]
  • The Shri Krishna Wallpaper - Click here.
  • Shri Krishna Video Wallpaper - Click here.
Setting up the wallpaper :- 
  • Copy the Shri krishna video wallpaper into C drive.
  • Now Install the Video wallpaper software and open it, if you don't see the window then open it from the hidden icons on taskbar.
  • Click on add folder and select C drive [where you had copied the video] and then select the LiveShriKrishna.wmv, also tick on 'launch on windows startup' and that is it, you have set up the Live Wallpaper :)
Enjoy your live wallaper :) Jai Shri Krishna :)


  • Set up the normal Shri Krishna image [Link to which is provided by me] as the background wallpaper of your desktop. [This is because when you click refresh, the software stops for a very small time and if there is any other wallpaper at the background it doesn't look good. It is just to maintain a form so that it looks visually appealing :)]
Disclaimer :- The live wallpaper is extracted from the Star Plus TV serial Mahabharat & the credits of that clip goes to Star Plus.

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