Sunday, 27 July 2014

Life, Living or just alive ?

Parents were the one who brought us to this beautiful world.Usually opportunity knocks and we have to grab it, life was something which we never asked for but still we were blessed by this opportunity.Some say it's easy for few , tough for others, I say it is the way you want it to be.If you want it to be happy, beautiful & if you work for it, Life is heaven.It's people who make life tough because of having ego, expectations, jealousy, misunderstandings, greed etc. Just to say we came into this world with nothing & will leave this world taking nothing !

Question arises what is to be done in between ?

This is something really tough, I feel the in between process is also uncertain.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.In between the birth & death is a time span which we can use for making our life better, making someone's life better, helping humanity.The more we give out happiness,love,gratitude the more they come to us.Try giving something & experience the happiness, the satisfaction we get.Try & feel it.It wont be the money, luxury, flats, cars etc. which you will have at end, Memories is the only thing  which will be with you.People will remember you only by your work, only by the sweetest memories you have created ! This doesn't mean not to earn or live a lavish life, but not at the cost of happiness, or having regrets, hurting someone etc.

Your life might be your family & few people around you, your life may be the whole world, whatever is your reach make sure we try and give our best to those !

Now all this might seem very theoretical, but give it thought ! Just one life, one chance, why waste it when you can use it. Life might not be easy, might come with loads of problems and difficulties, but believe in yourself you have a potential way better than what you think.

'A mountain climber might have made the best strategy to reach the top, but when he starts,  does the same strategy work till the end ? what if the situations change while climbing ? The mountaineer might have to change and make new strategies. Similarly we cannot plan our whole life we need to re plan things, make new strategies.We need to be a person who adapts according to situation, one who learns to change.' -Shri Krishna.

'Life is not what has happened in past, Life is not what will happen in future, life is what happens in present. Live the moment, it will never come back.' -Shri Krishna.

'Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.' -Dale Carnegie.

Don't just be alive, live the life, Enjoy food, Enjoy Places, Meet new people, live the moment, say what you feel, make memories worth treasuring.Start Living because life is Beautiful gift you have got, without asking for it. ♥

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