Saturday, 20 February 2016

Personalize Your Movie/TV Series Collection [Change Folder Icons Permanently]

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 After getting so much support and love from you guys ❤️, 
I decided to start a new blog. 
We are migrating from Blogspot to a WordPress based personal website/blog!
So this blog will be archived from now onwards and will no longer be updated.
For all the new blog posts & exciting things bookmark my new blog/website.

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Hoping for lots of support and love from you all ❤️
Stay Tuned 😉

This post is for all the TV serial/Movie Lovers :) 

So are you a Movie/TV serial fan? 
If yes then how about personalizing your collection? How about changing the folder Icons and turning them to look like mine? [Check the above pic].

Yes I know it looks cool. Watch the Video Tutorial regarding 'Changing your folder Icon Permanently' & Have fun :)

I hope you liked the video :) 
If you want a folder icon for a particular movie or serial and you don't find it on the internet then just request it & I will make them for you :)

Download Folder Icons created by Viraj From here.

Requests and suggestions are welcomed in the form of comments.
Thank you for reading.
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  1. Is there any software to quickly apply the downloaded icon file to a perticular folder rathen than going to properties and applying it

    It is taking very long to change my movie collections. Thanks

  2. Requesting you to create folder icon for the final call and city of dreams

  3. Can you please make folder icons for :
    1> Flames(TVF)
    2> Hostel Daze(Amazon Prime video)