Friday, 20 November 2015

Refreshing Desktop Continuously ? You Might Wanna Check This !

First things first, you are not alone !!! :-P
But what happens when we refresh & why do we do it frequently ?

Human beings have a inborn tendency to follow someone better and/or superior then them, and what's wrong ? it's good to do so. But knowingly or unknowingly we tend to follow too much ! 

You might have seen some computer engineer, professional or a friend refreshing his/her PC frequently. Without wondering what might be happening, you must have started to follow it & now you must have realized that 'I have this habit of refreshing my desktop frequently'. After many years here we are, reading this article and finding out what does the refreshing exactly does ??

Before I technically reveal the function of refresh button or rather F5, let me break the mystery !

  • NO, Refresh doesn't clear RAM and make your PC smooth.
  • NO, it doesn't refresh OS [you might be feeling that OS will be refreshed and it will work smoothly].
  • Well maybe it makes my windows faster for time being, again a unfortunate NO.
Well great then you wasted your time by refreshing your PC like thousand times [may be in a day :-P].  

So now when we are aware of the bitter truth what does refresh do ?

Well There is folder named 'desktop' in the Windows operating system. It is programmed to auto-refresh when its contents change.

  • The refresh option was given by windows so that if desktop does not display the files or folders you just created, moved, deleted, renamed or saved on it, hitting refresh will display those changes. 
  • Refresh will re-align your desktop icons if you made some changes in appearance. 
  • Refresh will help you if you find that you cannot use the desktop icons.
  • And such similar situations where the contents of the desktop or the folder do not change when expected to.
So basically refresh is of no use for general users who do not make changes on the desktop !! STOP REFRESHING FREQUENTLY !!

It has become almost like a compulsive disorder, to refresh the desktop constantly. You may have noticed this habit especially among some Computer Engineers and Technicians who are obsessed with using the Refresh option, with no valid reason !

People tend to follow and there you are, a part of that big community which refreshes for no reason :)

Break the habit and share this post so that others can break the habit too !

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P.S. :- Never refresh desktop in front of the people who have read this, they might think you as an Idiot.