Monday, 21 September 2015


The event was started as usual by Tim Cook, who announced many great updates and surprises.
The event was marked with updates for Apple Watch, Launching of Apple TV, Apple I Pad Pro, Apple Pencil & Apple I Phone 6s, 6s Plus.
Lets see what all happened during the Apple Keynote, San Francisco.


The Watch now comes with a Watch OS 2, which now comes with live watch faces i.e. live wallpaper for your watch. It's a great way of improving the looks of the watch.
The watch now supports 3rd party complications, so now you can see the notifications [could be news updates from your favorite app], on the home screen. The crown of the watch can now be used to rotate and see all the meetings, events that are planned for the day. This provides a very easy and a quick access for the schedule.
Apple watch now supports nearly 10,000 apps which gives the users a great way to personalize their watch. Apple gave a demo of AirStrip ONE, which helps the doctors to stay connected with their patients. The app allows doctor to see all the reports, which includes all the blood tests, ECG's also doctor can view the persons heart rate and can reply the patient about what is to be done next. Doctor can also view the graph of patient's heart rate and can scroll the crown to see the previous stages too. Not only this doctors can monitor the pregnant women and see the baby's hear rate as well as the mother's heart rate and give a decision to the woman about her health. The amazing thing that I came across is that baby's heart beats can be heard !! yes surprising but true :) This app is really a boon for all the apple Watch users.
To offer a really great collection of watches, Apple has collaborated with HERMES and made many beautiful collections of watches. Also many new models and bands have been created.


Apple came with a big and a brand new product Apple iPad Pro. The extra-large iPad Pro is a new 12.9-inch tablet as thin as the iPad Air and powered by the new A9x 64-bit chip. Running on Apple's latest software, iOS 9, the iPad Pro will work with a stylus, named as Apple Pencil, and a smart keyboard accessory.  Weighing 1.57 pounds (713 grams), about the same as the original iPad and at 6.9mm thick, it isn't a big burden to handle. The 12.9-inch screen boasts a 2,732x2,048-pixel resolution Retina display and it's big enough for comfortably viewing two apps side-by-side. It has a four side speaker to give you a dynamic experience, also the device comes with a dynamic refresh rate of the display, to save battery. It also has a good battery life of about 10 working hours, which is pretty great for high end using.

The Apple Pencil is specifically made for the new iPad, and the responsive sensors on the tablet's screen notice position, force, and tilt. The Apple Pencil houses its own battery and you can easily recharge it by using a Lightning adapter and plugging it into the iPad Pro. The ability to adjust the thickness of the stroke by applying light or heavy pressure and accurate precision are two of the ways the Pencil is geared to satisfy creative professionals, like graphic designers. In addition, two places at the tip of the Pencil emit signals to create shaded strokes, making detailed drawing also a possibility.

The Smart Keyboard, a keyboard especially for the iPad Pro. It's made from woven fabric and when unfolded as a cover, it reveals a physical keyboard that magnetically attaches to three small circles on the side of the iPad Pro. The trio of circles, called the Smart Connector, can carry power and data.

The iPad Pro is also one of the most "green" tablets Apple's made.
As far as pricing goes, pricing starts at $799 for the 32GB model, $949 for the 128GB model, and $1,079 for the 128GB LTE model. Of course, the accessories are sold separately, and the Apple Pencil will go for $99, while the Smart Keyboard will sell for $169.

Microsoft comes with Office & Adobe with few creative and photo editing apps, which are compatible with the new Apple Pencil.


Apple TV comes with a Set up box, a remote control with few buttons and touch. Also it is Siri enabled so is smart enough for suggesting you what to watch. TV also comes with many apps, which will improve the overall experience of the Television.

The best part of Apple TV is that its interactive because of siri, we can interrupt and ask the match score and siri will show it to without disrupting the Movie or serial. We can ask siri about the cast, Movie synopsis & much more, not only this siri helps us filter the shows, movies based on age, type, genre etc. If some times in a movie you don't understand what was the dialogue siri will rewind the movie by 15 seconds and enable subtitles for that particular scene. Much more can be done with siri, we can play games, book tickets, book houses, do shopping etc. Apple TV gives us a big access to all the apps which are in sync with the other Apple devices.
Apple TV is quiet a great option for all those who are great fan of television because this Apple TV will definitely improve your experience.


The significant updates to the iPhone 6 are camera technology, a new form of pressure-sensitive navigation called 3D Touch. The I phone 6s, 6s plus come with a Aerospace-grade aluminum which they call it Series 7,000, and it's the same aluminum alloy Apple puts into its Apple Watch Sport. Apple's new iPhones comes with 12-megapixel camera, which is a huge jump for Apple, auto focus will pick up the pace, according to Apple, and color accuracy is something that apple is proud of.
Apple has included a variation of Force Touch, called 3D Touch here, the iPhone 6S phones will adopt the same pressure-sensitive capability that calls up secondary menus and actions when you press and hold the screen.
Press down and you can pull up context-sensitive menus, switch apps or examine photos. Sound impressive? In this instance, it's really just a subtle riff on what already exists on iPhones: tapping and holding. Another use is to access shortcuts from the home screen for your most frequent actions, say messaging a friend. And if you're in your email inbox, applying fingertip pressure to an element in the message will surface more information, like maybe the flight number on an emailed travel itinerary, for instance. (Apple called this concept "peeking in" during the live demo.)Pressing harder on an app will likewise generate more options, like viewing all the photos of a contact's Instagram photo stream. In the context of a game, pressing harder could zoom you in to get closer to the action.
The 5-megapixel front-facing camera now brings the iPhone 6S on par with a lot of today's competing handsets. Instead of including a dedicated flash for the front-facing camera, which only a few phones do, Apple is using the home screen to light up instead. This is meant to increase the brightness of those selfies even in low-light situations. which according to me is quiet Innovative.
Apple also changed the way we take photos Apple iSight camera now clicks a Live Photos, yes movable photos which can be viewed on all Apple devices. Also we can record the 4K videos using the apple camera. The Apple camera has really became a ideal camera for everyone, which is good at motion pictures, selfies etc.
The second-generation sensor promises to snap open the phone faster than before. Hopefully fingerprint authentication will also speed up.
We have an upgraded, proprietary A9 processor that continues Apple's theme of mystery when it comes to exactly what's going on in there, this is Apple's third-generation 64-bit chip. Apple claims that the A9 is 70 percent faster than last year's A8 when it comes to the usual computing tasks (like opening an app, for example), and 90 percent faster at graphical tasks, like gaming.
Apple says it'll have the fastest forms of LTE Advanced, if that's supported where you live, and will also include support for the latest, greatest Wi-Fi networks.
The two new iPhones will run on iOS 9, mining all of those software enhancements, like a smarter Siri and up to three hours longer battery life, plus a new Low Power Mode.
Pricing :
In the US, the 16GB version costs $650 outright and $100 on contract. The 64GB version goes for $750 outright, and $200 on contract, and the 128GB model costs $850 all-in and the same $200 on contract. In the UK, the iPhone 6S costs £539 (16GB), £619 (64GB) and £699 (128GB). In contrast, the 6S Plus will go for £619, £699 and £789, respectively.
In Australia, the iPhone 6S costs AU$1,079 (16GB), AU$1,229 (64GB) and AU$1,379 (128GB). The 6S Plus will go for AU$1,229, AU$1,379 and AU$1,529, respectively.
iPhone Upgrade Program
Apple has also introduced a new pricing plan, for the US only for now, that starts at $32 per month (for the 16GB version iPhone 6S) for 24 months, with the option to upgrade to a new iPhone each year, say from the 6S to next year's 7, to the 7S, and so on.

The Event was concluded by Tim Cook and a One Republic Concert !
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