Friday, 12 December 2014

Z Launcher - Connecting you with Smartphone [Review]

Note :- This product is yet under beta version & 
more improvements are expected sooner. 

  • This launcher has really taken a step forward in terms of connecting you with smartphone and making things very simple.
  • Gesture control is the main heart of this launcher, all the apps, contacts, websites can be accessed by directly Scribbling the letters on you home-screen !
  • Not only this, the launcher creates a database according the way you access the apps, contacts & shows the things you need in accurate manner.
  • The more you use, more smart the launcher becomes ! 

  • The apps you use more, contacts you use frequently are shown first & you can have a direct access to all your favorite things instantly.
  • According to the time i.e. morning or night, the launcher shows different apps and contacts that you use at that particular time, that to on your home-screen. This actually makes this launcher special. It knows what we need & at what time!

  • This is really powerful Launcher with a smooth, simple interface & is Intelligent enough to understand the user !
DRAWBACKS [hopefully will be improved] :-
  • Since the app is under beta version we just have one home-screen, with limited access to widgets [No personal Widgets can be used as for now].
  • We have a menu tray with the default Nokia theme, no customization available as of now & we cannot place any apps or widgets on home-screen, app decides on its own what is to be shown.
  • So this launcher will be more powerful when we have little more customization in terms of more home-screens, space for custom widgets, little advance gesture detection [Some gestures show different letters, not a big issue and is faced rarely:-P]
  • Currently Nokia is taking the users database to study how people access stuffs, no privacy is disturbed but just to tell this could be concern for few users ! 
All in all this launcher will be really worth when Nokia updates this beta version & we have more options.

Snapshots :-

I recommend to use this launcher & stay in touch with the app,
 Z launcher has a lot of surprises for us !! 

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